Advocacy Strengthen Young Women Become Leaders and Peace-builders Project: Women Empowerment and Gender Development Program

Description of the Project:

The overall aim of this project is to enhance the capacities of young women and girls to promote and protect their rights, using the UN Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) on Women, Peace and Security as well as UNSCR  2250 and 2419 on Youth, Peace and Security as policy framework.

MRF empowers young women, girls and youth from conflict- and disaster-affected communities to be leaders, peacebuilders and change agents.

MRF’s activities include the facilitation of conflict resolution meetings, conducting training on peace building for local peace-builders and helps organize and facilitate conferences, peace exchanges that bring together local groups, local leaders, elders, and religious.

MRF will establish Innovative online consultations that connect diverse groups and local experts to explore security issues and ideas for conflict resolution around the world and conduct advocacy and capacity building training workshops in human rights principles and humanitarian protection

MRF will also establish a peace-building network that primarily focuses in Puntland which gathers a number of different organizations from diverse groups and communities through the network, several campaigns calling for peace and development in Mogadishu are organized in the city, addressing local authorities to enhance the delivery of basic services

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