Comprehensive Mapping and Assessment Project “Early warning for Peace-building and Conflict Prevention” Puntland, Somalia.

Description of the Project:

Manaal Relief Foundation through its Social Justice, Security and Peace-building Program is currently undertaking comprehensive assessment and mapping project for Peace building and conflict prevention. This project aims to assess, identify and mapping the range of peace building activities, existing early warning systems and determine ways to better support for improving collaboration between peace builders, peace agents and identify possible areas of this sector for future support.

This mapping project activity will also investigate local community-based organizations, civil society, local peace-builders and international organizations active in early warning system projects in the Country. The project activities include a wide range of semi-structured interviews, field visits and arranged calls to many of the key informers.

We expect this mapping will provide a practical resource to increase coordination to prevent conflicts on a wide range of issues, while facilitating more support to local groups active in this area                   

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