Primary and Secondary Education Program Child Sponsorship Program: Garowe District, Puntland

In 2019, our education program has continued to expand in size. Our child sponsorship Programme included 37 children in primary school, 23 in nursery and 2 in secondary, making a total of 72 who would otherwise not be able to attend or complete school. Fees are provided, as well as the provision of basics such as uniform and scholastic materials.  In addition, we have continued to support the many children with disabilities.

Manaal Relief Foundation partnered with Siyaad Charity Foundation to provide free education services and sponsorship, since the program established; the total number of internally displacedand orphaned children sponsored for primary and education is 72. They go to Darwiish Primary and Intermediate School and Waberi Primary/Intermediate School in Garowe city and Burtinle Primary School in Burtinle town. This education sponsorship program activity closely working with partnered primary and secondary schools and MRF staff regularly visits the schools to ensure that the children are getting relevant support and help with special needs such as medical cases where possible.

Their education is sponsored by Siyaad Charity Foundation and Individuals who fund the school tuition fee, as also the private tuition to complement and sustain the learning from school, as well as school transportation to ensure that the children attend the school regularly; we also provide summer and winter school uniforms. Students are required to buy their text books and stationery

In addition; MRF established its MRF Education Counseling Unit in our education program and recruited a qualified Education Counselor to promote student development and facilitate student success. Our Education counselors work with students of all ages at all levels on issues specific to their academic, vocational, and professional success, and our education counselor also responsible to track the progress of our students more closely. In May 2016, we organized and facilitated a child protection training event in Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia.

Initially, it was hard to persuade the parents to send their children to school, since their meager earnings through petty household work added to the family kitty. However, our education counselors ultimately succeeded in persuading these poor illiterate parents of the long-term benefit of education.

There is still a waiting list of over 66 children keen on going to school from our catchment area. Your help is needed in giving a slum child a future through education!

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