Clean up Campaigns

A clean up campaign is a community –based , environmental initiative that inspires and empowers communities to clean up , fix up and conserve their environment themselves .Clean campaigns were conducted in the targeted villages along with active participation of communities .

Objectives of a cleanup campaign

  • To promote environmental awareness
  • To ensure environmental sustainability
  • To ensure environment is safe , clean and healthy
  • To eradicate diseases which thrive in dirty environments

Advocacy Seminars and Awareness workshops for young girls and adult females

The most significant factors effecting women’s health are poor hygiene, poverty, poor living conditions, lack of proper health facilities, lack of education and awareness. One of the most observable divides between women and men, especially in developing countries, is in water, sanitation and hygiene .The provision of hygiene and sanitation are often considered women’s tasks. Women’s are promoters, educators, and leaders of home and community- based sanitation practices. However women’s concerns are rarely addressed, as societal barriers often restrict women’s involvement in decision making processes regarding health, hygiene and sanitation. AHD conducted seminars and workshops to educate women about their health issues and make them aware that how they can address these issues which they face regarding their own health and cleanness in daily life. The purpose of these was to cover all those factors which become the main cause of poor health of women.

Themes of Seminars and workshops:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Health of mother and children
  • Balanced diet
  • Cleanliness
  • Awareness and prevention of common diseases and epidemics

Long-term improvement relies upon communities’ motivation and capacity to manage and maintain their own facilities. Providing safe water and sanitation and promoting hygiene have significantly reduced the burden of diseases. These committees should create an important sense of ownership, which is crucial for ensuring that the provision of software and hardware is just the beginning of a sustainable improvement in water, sanitation and hygiene conditions. Water, sanitation and hygiene promotion are also essential for human dignity and economic growth.

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