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MRF is an independent women and youth-led Non-profit Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid, assistance, protection, education, healthcare and community empowerment to Refugees,  Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Displaced people and underprivileged local Somali communities to achieve peace, security, equality, social justice and socio-economic development.

 The overall aim of the Organization is to promote effective and sustainable community transformation and development, peace, social justice, equality and security in the horn of Africa as is guided by its core values, principles and organizational philosophy.

MRF was founded in 2008 by a group of Somali women and youth among refugees and internally displaced intellectuals with protection and humanitarian professional backgrounds, having worked as humanitarian aid workers with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Community –Based Organization (CBOs), International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) and United Nations Development Partners with similar vision and passion.

The organization is registered under legal act of NGO registration, license and agreement documents with Ministry of Interior of the Federal Republic of Somalia as well as Federal Member States’ Ministries of Planning and Local Government of Puntland, Jubbaland, South West State “KGS” and Hirshebele.

MRF headquarter office is based in Garowe, Capital city of Puntland State of Somalia and has operational field offices in Puntland State – Bossaso, Galkacyo, Qardho, Dangorayo, Burtinle, Baran, Eyl and Lasacanod.  It also has Regional/State branch offices in Galmudug State, Hirshebele, South West State “KGS”, Jubaland State and Benadir region.

The Somali civil war and severe drought effect reached its peak and left tens of thousands in extreme poverty. Prevalent violence, anarchy and lawlessness continue to inflict suffering and impoverishment upon Somali people particularly the vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, girls, women, the very poor, people with disabilities and the displaced.

The  organization is actively involved in humanitarian aid and intervention, Protection, Human rights advocacy, Women and youth empowerment,  Security  and Peace building, Early warning and Conflict Prevention, Refugees, IDPs, Displaced Communities,  Camp Coordination  and Camp Management (CCCM), HealthCare, WASH, Peace  Education, Shelter, Food Security and Sustainable development. It also works closely with other sub-sectors such as Counter Violent Extremism, Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), Migration and Integration, Peace Education, Social Justice and Reconciliation, and other initiatives in livelihood and economy sectors.


Since its establishment, MRF has successfully implemented many projects in collaboration with local stakeholders and international partners and Agencies. Implemented projects ranged from purely emergency relief interventions such as running Community Centers aimed at safe life general protection, child protection, SGBV, camp coordination and camp management (CCCM), community empowerment (women and youth), peace building, , security, peace, , human rights and advocacy, developmental projects, Water and Environmental Sanitation (WES), and Cash transfer to displaced persons,   Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) , rehabilitation of existing dams and distribution of non-food items to Internally Displaced Persons living in Puntland.

Our Oganization structure

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