Peace Walk Initiative: Peace Walk Season Initiative

Empowerment for Peace Walk to promote peace amid a rise in violent incidents: We celebrated the International Day of Peace on Sunday, September 23 by participating in the Peace Walk. The Peace Walk will raise awareness for a variety of social justice issues;  On Sunday January 26th; the MRF’s Youth Empowerment Initiative under Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention program in collaboration with the Mudug Youth Forum on Peace and Interaction conducted the “Rise Up for Peace-Peace Walk Season: Families who lost loves ones to gun violence hold Somali Peace Walk” walk.

This Peacebuilding community-led event is intended as a call for unity and action following a rise in violent and conflict. The event is supported by Manaal Relief Foundation. The Peace Walk initiative brought together forty seven local peace-builders among youth leaders, women leaders who represented diverse cultures and religious from around the country. The MRF’s seasonal peace walk initiative campaign has brought together 47 youth leaders who represented diverse cultures and clans from around the country, in addition; families who have lost loved ones to gun violence filled the streets in Tampa as they first “Raise Up for Peace” Walk Sunday.

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