Counseling and Education to Stop Domestic Violence

The organization realized that proper education, massive awareness, social mobilization and women empowerment are very prior to bring positive changes in our society. Considering the situation that, generally, women and children are extremely victimized in many ways and forms and they are the victims of dual exploitation both by poverty and gender discrimination.  Rich & influential people always take chances to exploit women physically, mentally and economically by giving low wages as maidservant. At the family level women are fully denied from their rights what a human being entitled. The literacy rate of is also very poor; especially women in remote and tribal areas belonged illiterate. Women and girls are the victims of early marriage, polygamy, divorces, dowry, rapping and many other kinds of physical torture as well as domestic violence due to economic deprivation along with influence of religious bound and prejudice of the society.

The organization realized that establishment of gender equity; human rights especially for the women and children are so required for a developed society where people will leave peace and tranquility. It optimistically believes that the present situation regarding the maltreatment of rights, unequal distribution and viewpoint must be faked away if we are undertaking such type of timely and appropriate measurement.  

Domestic violence is a widespread problem in Somalia. Actual extent is difficult to measure. Researchers believe that the extent of violence between intimate partners is higher than reports indicate. Data based on official documents, such as police or hospital records, tend to underestimate the extent of violence because many instances of abuse are never reported. Surveys of individuals generally produce higher estimates of violence than official records, but they are also assumed to underestimate the actual extent of domestic violence. For a variety of reasons, respondents may fail to report violence that occurs with an intimate partner. In male dominated society in Somalia, the expression from wives’ group: It’s unbearable for human; husbands beat them whenever they will, wherever they want to; while a husband beats his wife, other inmates seem to enjoy, sometimes they even incite the husband to assault”.

Women and children’s safety are secondary to the safety and honor of the perpetrators. Most important negative force encouraging/enhancing the violence against women is the prevailing belief of considering the violence as a ‘family mater’, not as a crime. But if we consider each case of violence, we will find that the violence in the family circle is also a crime in general. In the family circle, women are not considered as individual human being, they are considered as someone’s mother, someone’s daughter or wife. There are extra burdens and bindings of responsibilities and nevertheless they are considered as sole bearer of moral. The result of the failure to recognize the rights of the women is that we are installing right insensitive programs where women are treated as objects and on ‘charity’ of this male dominated society. So, the services, we are providing couldn’t fulfill the requirements of a woman holistically and impact is being inferred from her to the future generation.

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