The Truth is Peace Project: “Runtu Waa Nabad”

In 13 April, 2021; We have officially launched a Misinformation Management Project; “Runtu Waa Nabad” in Galkacyo in partnership with the Canadian organization the Sentinel Project to support peace building by setting up an information system to counter rumours, misinformation, and propaganda that fuel conflict in many parts of Somalia. 

The Truth Is Peace “Runtu Waa Nabad in Somali” Project is misinformation management system that aims to provide information verification and misinformation management services to Somalia citizens and other stakeholders (e.g., humanitarian organizations) in Puntland State and Galmudug State. The project may also be expanded to other parts of Somalia.  

The Runtu Waa Nabad project is important because misinformation and propaganda act as catalysts for violent conflict in Somalia. Therefore, providing an effective means to verify information and counter harmful rumours and misinformation serves the larger objectives of violence prevention, peacebuilding, development, and effective humanitarian aid delivery.

This mobile phone-based interactive information system engages community members and other stakeholders in monitoring, verifying, and countering the spread of harmful content and can also play an early warning role during active crises. This community-based early warning project aims to train 20 community ambassadors, recruit subscribers and conduct awareness campaigns in Galkacyo as a pilot before expansion to other parts of the country.

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