“ Ensuring the safety and security of the displaced communities in Camps and IDPs Settlements”

65 million people worldwide are forcibly displaced, In Somalia; 2.6 million People have been displaced, as conflict, insecurity, drought, and floods proliferate around the globe, often fuelled by climate change, more and more people are forced to flee their homes, with the number of displaced people now at a record high.(UNHCR, 2016).

The majority of people have self-settled in over 2,000 sub-standard IDP sites in urban and peri-urban areas across the country. People displaced to these sites are living in precarious conditions and are not having their basic needs met due to inconsistent service provision or exclusion from accessing humanitarian support. 85% of the sites are informal settlements on private land and about 74% of them are in urban areas according to the Detailed Site Assessment (DSA) of the CCCM Cluster.

MRF is a local humanitarian organization dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance and protection to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), displaced communities in Somalia through integrated interventions and activities under our Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) program.

MRF’s Goal: To protect and save lives by providing humanitarian protection and assistance for displaced communities, IDPs, refugees and promotes their human capacities to predict, adapt and respond to potential disasters and emergencies to protect and save lives and recover as resilient community.


Through CCCM Program, MRF aims to improve the quality of life safety, and dignity of displaced people, ensuring the best possible protection and assistance environments of IDPs (men, women, boys and girls) in displacement sites, in accordance with international standards, and through multi-sectoral approaches.

As a local NGO and member of the CCCM Cluster in Somalia, MRF plays an important in ensuring the safety and security of the displaced communities in Camps and IDPs Settlements through the provision of Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) services to men, women, boys and girls in IDPs settlement sites in Somalia.

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