Research, Advocacy and Human Rights

MRF works closely with local human rights defenders’ partners in Somalia to provide legal awareness, Counseling and legal aid services for women and girls who are often victims of domestic violence included sexual harassment and abuse.MRF also works to promote and protect their human rights on access to justice. We also work with the formal security & justice sector, as well as with local civil society and communities. MRF also partnered local human rights defenders to provide legal aid and mediate conflicts.

In Somalia, MRF provides support to young women, girls and youth to promote and protect their rights in Peace, Security and Justice, using the UN Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) on Women, Peace and Security as well as UNSCR  2250 and 2419 on Youth, Peace and Security as policy framework.

Our Program works in solidarity with women and youth of local displaced communities, IDPs, refugees to raise their local voices in demanding better security, justice, sustainable peace and governance outcomes from local governments.

Our program objective is to increase the sustainable access to justice for marginalized persons, displaced communities and people most at risk in Somalia.

MRF through this programme initiative mobilizes communities and works with existing community networks to create knowledge and awareness of social issues and provide legal literacy especially about women’s rights in order to bridge the gap between rights holders and duty bearers, to contribute to the realization of health and human rights.


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