Medical Supplies Program

Promoting Access to health through Medical supplies

Many small hospitals within the Somalia communities do not have adequate basic health equipment and medical supplies to be able to offer better or quality primary healthcare services. They often cannot afford to purchase or ship such supplies to be able to adequately address the health needs and requirements of a majority of poor vulnerable and remotely located Somalia communities. It has been a huge challenge for small, rural and local hospitals and clinics to afford or source medical supplies or quality medicine. The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has made it very bold the need to adequately invest in efficient and well-equipped and comprehensive healthcare system.

The implications of unaffordable and low access to medical healthcare and sanitation services have been known to have far reaching negative impacts on social, psychological and physical health of the population and generally affect the overall socio-economic growth and development of not only the community but the overall nation at large and further hinder the achievement of SDG goal No. 3 on ensuring healthy lives and promotion of well-being for all at all Ages.  “A healthy nation is a wealthy nation”.

MRF Organization primarily focus on working directly with local communities and health facilities, including district hospitals, clinics, health centers, and maternal child health facilities in Somalia, in supporting the provision of medical supplies, equipment, staff training and capacity building to enable health facilities provide free and low cost health services to underserved rural, poor and vulnerable communities.

  Program objectives:

  Overall objective:

  To promote the provision and access of medical services, medical supplies and equipment to the people of        Somalia for a healthy nation

Specific objectives:

  1. To Promote access to reproductive health services;
  2. To support rural hospitals and clinics with limited resources to continue providing healthcare services;
  3. To provide quality medical equipments, supplies, and drugs which can be difficult to source locally;
  4. To Improve access medical equipment and supplies
  5. Increase access to health services/medical care services
  6. To improve in institutional delivery for health services.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Improved community health and well-being;
  2. Increased access to healthcare services among rural communities and vulnerable populations;
  3. Improved access to quality medical supplies and equipment;
  4. Effective and efficient diseases management and response;

Reduced mortality rates (infant and maternal).

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