Solar Lamps for 40 Indigenous Somali Children and Girls

Children from marginalized communities and internally displaced people perform poorly in school due to limited studying time. Most of these poor children rely on their neighbors with electricity but they are very few and far from their homes and not every child can get access to that, yet this poses risk for the children because of the long walking distance just to get a light so that they can read and study.

By protecting and promoting access to education for these young girls and children; Manaal Relief Foundation partnered with SECCCO Solar Energy Inc. through its School solar lighting project has started a new initiative that focuses on the distribution of solar lambs/kits to the children and Solar lights to the local families we work with in the rural areas of Somalia; this project provides solar lamps to the children in schools, so they can gain access to free, safer, healthier and more environmental friendly light source to help them study after dark. This project will benefit 40 children in Kala-beyr village in Garowe district of Nugaal region in Somalia.

This solar energy initiative has a significant impact on the quality of life in off-grid and impoverished communities in Somalia. By harnessing solar energy, solar lamps provide clean, safe, and dependable light source. Using solar lamp at night helps children study well without endangering their lives.

Project thematic areas: Education, Early Child Development, Child Protection, Energy, Sustainable Development.

Project Partners:

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