Health and Wash

Manaal Relief Foundation has been empowering Somalis since 2009 by expanding their educational and health opportunities through fostering self-reliance and community participation. MRF provides education from Early Child education through post secondary levels helping girls and women learn. An educated and health aware woman is more likely to succeed personally, and to be able to contribute positively economically and in family care leading to self supporting family units.


To make capable the rural communities by educating them on best practices of health and hygiene for attainment of healthy, hygienic , safe and sound health in the rural areas of Somalia.


Enhancement in knowledge of people assisting to understand and develop good hygiene practices to prevent diseases and promote positive attitude towards good health practices by health and hygiene education in the poor communities of Somalia.

Goals and Objectives

To make people self-reliant by mobilizing and educating them on the improvement of hygienic practices for safe sound and hygienic life:

  • Promotes the access to Healthcare services for marginalized communities.
  • Capacity building of targeted communities.
  • Identification and prevention of health problems due to unhygienic behavior of the community associated with water and sanitation.
  • Sensitize targeted population to the appropriate use and maintenance of facilities.
  • Assisting people to understand and develop good hygienic practices for safe and sound health.
  • To lower high-risk hygiene behavior by adoption of appropriate measures.
  • Promotion of health and hygiene education to lower high risks related to health , water borne diseases ,decrease in maternal mortality rate & Child mortality rate, malnutrition, complications during pregnancy and access to basic health facilities to them.
  • to mobilize and educate young girls and adult women for their personal hygiene in the rural areas
  • Hygienic awareness and its replication from generation to generation.

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