Education, Health And Community Development

MRF Somalia provides support to some schools in Nugaal and Karkaar where we facilitate the access to school for poor disadvantaged and displaced children.

MRF through its program on Women Empowerment and Social Justice is running the Hanad Women’s Learning Center; this center freely provides services in multiple skills development including tailoring, garment cutting, agriculture, community animal health care, and other vocational skills. More than 102 have benefited from this project since the centre was established. Short training courses in electricity, plumbing and carpentry have been set up for young people. Sewing classes are offered for young women.

This program is designed to support women and young girls gain skills and knowledge they can use to flourish and become more successful. The Centre also offers education and service support for child mothers during the school day as well as psychosocial guidance for young students in need.

Our Partners

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