Social Justice, Security And Peacebuilding

Conflict, violence, insecurity and limited access to justice remain a major threat to sustainable development and have a destructive impact on a country’s development, with citizens bearing the burden of insecurity and injustice. Sustainable development goals cannot be achieved without peace, security and social justice.

In Somalia, MRF provides support to young women, girls and youth to promote and protect their rights in Peace, Security and Justice, using the UN Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) on Women, Peace and Security as well as UNSCR  2250 and 2419 on Youth, Peace and Security as policy framework.

Our Peace, Security and Justice Program works in solidarity with women and youth of local displaced communities, IDPs, refugees to raise their local voices in demanding better security, justice, sustainable peace and governance outcomes from local governments.

MRF empowers young women, girls and youth from conflict- and disaster-affected communities to be leaders, peace-builders and change agents.

MRF’s Goal: Promote justice, peaceful and inclusive societies

We also work with the formal security & justice sector, as well as with local civil society and communities. MRF also partnered local human rights defenders to provide legal aid and mediate conflicts.

Our work contributes directly to Sustainable Development Goals 5 and 16. MRF’s PSJ work focuses on the following thematic area:

  • Advocacy for Women’s rights in Peace and Security.
  • Strengthening Girls and Women’s access to justice
  • Conflict Prevention and Peace Building
  • Counter Violent Extremisms (CVE).
  • Early Warning and Early Response System for Peace building
  • Peace education, training and dialogue
  • Legal assistance and access to justice.
  • Civic Education.


MRF’s activities include the facilitation of conflict resolution meetings, conducting training on peace building for local peace-builders and helps organize and facilitate conferences, peace exchanges that bring together local groups, local leaders, elders, and religious

Our Programs and Projects on Women, Peace and Justice promotes feminist perspectives on peace and security by advocating for women’s participation, transforming gendered power, bridging local experience and gender analysis with global efforts and strengthening Women’s Access to Justice.

Our Partners

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